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Shop Early. Save Big!

Have you ever had anyone come up to you and say, “Listen, don’t panic but…”

We are stating this in a very calm voice to all of those who have holiday gifts on the brain.

“Listen, we don’t want you to panic but shipping could be a nightmare this year.”

ShipMatrix, a software company that tracks shipments from more than 100,000 US locations states is raising the red flag. Ports are closed in China which eventually causes a bottleneck in California. Shortages of labor, the delta variant, and all the shipping issues of 2020 have just compounded into 2021. But you’re not surprised, are you?

If you are ordering gifts from SoulTiles this Christmas … we’ve got you covered:

• We’re here is in the US! Which in the shipping world means we’re practically local.

• Shipping for glass is 2-4 business days (and only because there is a 24-hour curing process).

If one of your goals is to purchase from a small, start-up this holiday season – we are your people! And thank you in advance for supporting any and all small businesses.

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